Easter Wishes and Goodbye Kisses

First off, Happy Easter everyone! I hope yours was much more eventful than mine has been thus far.

When I decided upon opening this new blog I had high hopes for its future. I still do, I mean, this is day two only haha. Anyways, since I don’t have many readers or any at all that I know of, I’m going to take a question I was posed with earlier by a friend and act as if someone had asked me in an email or something. (Note: I’m not trying to say this is to be an advice blog, but it can be. I just want to give an honest, woman’s opinion on certain issues, I think it can be beneficial.) I do plan on presenting regular blog things here also.

Q: My girlfriend of a year and two months broke up with me three weeks ago. At first, I was real upset, she said she needed to not see me for awhile. We have the same friends now and it’ll be hard. Anyways, her Mom was out of town a few nights ago and we ran into each other at the gas station. She asked me what I was doing, I said nothing but that I’d like to talk. So I went to her place. We talked awhile. I got upset and honestly started crying. She was upset too and we ended up kissing. One thing led to another and we fooled around a little bit. Afterwards, I felt like she wanted me to leave and I did. Now, she won’t answer my calls and when I’d left, I clearly was smiling and happy and thought good things, whereas she was just kind of like, okay thanks, bye. What the hell?

A: Okay, are you ready for the most honest answer I can give you, she got what she wanted. She doesn’t want to get back with you. She was done a long time ago, (I knew this for a fact since I know them in real life). Now this doesn’t exactly make her a bad person, but she was horny. She was used to having you there to please her whenever the hell she wanted for that long and now she nonchalantly led you to the bedroom to “talk” and you end up pleasing her? She’s a bitch for actually letting you think you had a chance again, but she was horny. She knew she’d get you to fulfill her needs if she got you in her bedroom. It was a very nasty trick. Suck in your pride and shrug it off. You have a long relationship and love to get over. If you see her again, don’t get dragged back into the mess. Tell her you know it’s best that you two aren’t alone like that. Tell her you have a thing to get to with friends, that’ll piss her off. She deserves it. Men aren’t the only ones with sexual needs. Remember that. Sex is meaningful to most girls, but you’ve seen her naked and you want her so much that she doesn’t care what happens sexually anymore. It’s sad, but that’s a raw nature that everyone has sometimes. It happens. It sucks. I’m sorry.

I basically told him that and he was so pleased with me. He called me awhile ago and he did see her. She asked what he was doing and he said he had plans with some new girls he met. Yeah, sort of jerky to do, but he said it was worth the look in her eyes. These two are barely out of high school, so that immature nature is still natural to them. Gotta admire the craziness of love…

Until next time loves,


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