Female Form

Two things today, topics revolving around women….

Funny conversation was had about a week ago…someone was discussing threesomes and the girl had said she would be with a girl and a guy if she were even in one. The guy instantly accused her of being bisexual. I had to address this situation from my aspect. A reason that I and many other girls feel that two men at the same time isn’t sexy revolves around a few different ideals. First off, the male form is not all that appealing. Men, as a whole, do not have a beautiful structure. A woman on the other hand, is much more artistic to view. Secondly, two dicks inside of me at once is pretty creepy. I have no desire to have anal, been there done that, and didn’t like it. And to give another man head while trying to get fucked from behind just doesn’t work well I would think. There’s too much movement and to give head at the same time would take so much concentration that the sex wouldn’t even be good! Overall, I just don’t think two men at once would be enjoyable nor comfortable. As for the list a threesome with another woman would be sexy..first of all, the female form is beautiful. Women are beautiful. Women can look at each other and genuinely say that “She’s sexy” or “She’s attractive” and not be weirded out by that. Most straight men cannot as easily say that about another man. Half of the time I’m told by men what I see in another man as sexy is strange. And it’s not! (Why don’t men get why Johnny Depp is so fucking hot?!) Women are sexy. Breasts are sexy and interesting. Women are smooth, soft and sensual. There’s so much to love about the female form. Don’t get me wrong now, this is my first real post and believe me, I love men. I love everything about sex with a man. But if a threesome arose, I’d choose one girl and one guy any day. To kiss and feel and play with a gorgeous woman and still have a man around, sure why not? So if you ever meet a girl who shares that same emotion, understand her point of view. If you’re a straight man, this shouldn’t be difficult to get, I mean, you love women, why can’t she share some of your views?

This brings me to strip clubs. Since I was about 15 years old, I’ve been intrigued by strip clubs. More and more these days, women and couples go into them and enjoy them, but many women, I think, are still too self conscious to enter them if they actually wanted to. Why do I feel this way? Because I am one. I used to fantasize that I had the confidence to strip. I would picture this elegant gentleman’s club where the girls still had class and that I worked there. I would imagine that men would watch me and find me gorgeous and women would envy me. I know most clubs aren’t this classy, but few still do exist. I think th reason this strange thought has crossed my mind revolves around a worry that I’m unsexy and trying to believe it’d be possible to be a sexy, classy and glamourous stripper. Who knows….I know I’d never have the confidence to ever do such a thing, but a piece of me still wishes I could. To feel that sexy and to feel that confident of my body would be amazing. There’s something sensual and empowering hidden under the demeaning manor of all of it. Many women find it disgusting and demeaning, that’s your opinion, but I think in some senses, it’d be releasing. Every woman wants to feel sexy and wanted. Even married or attached women want other men to hit on them and make them feel gorgeous. That’s just human nature. Anyways, back to clubs, a lot of friends of mine have expressed their desire to enter a strip club, but they are a little nervous. I understand what they mean. You would worry to appear into it, someone may say something to you or just as a woman, being unsure how you’re supposed to act. But again, the female form is beautiful. Women are sexy, why can’t I understand that and enjoy that as much as any straight man? Who knows….

*In the future, understand that several of the straightest girls I know share all the same emotion about this, they get drunk and tell me. Why can’t someone just say these things sober and with confidence? Ah, the beauty of being anonymous, I can just sit here and say anything, haha.*

Until we meet again,

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