Judgement Day

How much do I love meeting people? Every new person I meet gives me a new insight on life. Early today I met this woman who seemed to have it all. She works for a MAJOR company and had moved up since she started a mere two years ago. Now this woman is making six figures a year and wearing gorgeous dress suits and jewelry. She seemed happy. She has a brand new BMW. She has this cute little Yorky puppy that she adores and this seemingly perfect life. The kicker was that she’s 30 and I’m not kidding looks 21 years old. No wrinkles anywhere near her face, perfect figure, perfect stature. It’s amazing how much you assume things when you meet people like her. I figured she has this amazing job and this perfect life. In my job, I meet all sorts of people and I generally get to talk to them for long periods of time. Her and I started out in some small talk and she ended up exposing most of her life story to me. She went on to say she grew up in this 10 bedroom mansion of a home where her father was a stock broker. They lived in this nice home and went to the best schools and events possible. He put her through school and she now has a masters degree and owns her own business on the side of her career. She sounded so happy, so blessed in life. Being the human being I am, I began to resent her. I know that if I grew up that way, I could have been as happy as she was right now, I could be at the best university and not worrying about money issues. While I was daydreaming about the wonder that could be my life had I had her childhood and family, she began to cry. Out of nowhere. I was so shocked that I said, “Uh, something wrong?”, like an idiot. She said some things that made no sense under her tears and then she really started talking. To make a long story short, her father was a major adulterer. He cheated on her Mom more times than she could count and her mother knew every single time. They were open about it. As she desribed it, it sounded like her Mother was more of a housekeeper and nanny than anything to the family. Her father and her brothers were convinced that her and their mother were just women anyways and had no authority. Down the road, this woman was the only one of her and her 5 brothers that was accepted into college. Her father paid the way in for her brothers, but she attended Brown University and ended up with a 4.0 the whole way. She became Daddy’s little girl in his eyes, but she never forgave him for the past. By this point in the story, my mouth had dropped. This seemingly perfect family had more issues than most people probably ever knew. Then it seemed to get worse. Due to her childhood and her parent’s relationship, she actually swore off men. She wouldn’t even date in high school. At one point she attempted to seek a lesbian relationship because she despised men so much. She learned she didn’t have sexual or emotional ties to women in that way. So she started dating in college. She dated the wrong men, the right men and even a possible “the one” man and she turned all of them away. The longest relationship she’d had was with the possible “the one” man and that lasted a mere three months. He said he loved her, she was too scared to love him and broke it off. She’d regretted it ever since. As the story went on, I learned her insecurities, her trials and everything else. She hadn’t had this easy life everyone would think as they look at her from afar. After our talk, she walked away and I sat in awe. This woman walked away with a smile on her face and that perfect walk she had. Just like that, she threw the wall back up and she was super woman. I’ll never forget her. I’ll never forget the lesson she taught me, never assume anything, you have NO idea what someone else has been through or gone through in their life. This is why gossip is so wrong. This is why people are misjudged everyday and you could have missed out a true friendship or a true love. It’s amazing how someone can surprise you. And how new friendships can spring out of a talk that came out of nowhere. I’ll be thinking about her tonight and hoping she knows that I feel for her and if no one else does, I understand her and respect her.

Just had to share that little story. It was quite an interesting night, definitely gives you something to think about….

Until next time, Email me with any topics or questions!,


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