That Old Familiar Feeling

Hello again! Well, today I’m going to get a little personal and just sort of write.

Last night I had a dream. In this dream, I was with my current boyfriend and it was set up in any day now. Anyways, it involved a friend of mine and I going out to a cafe to eat and hang out. Let’s call my friend J. So J and I are just sitting there and this guy walks up that works there to talk to us. Turns out that I’d met him previously. (It was one of those guys, however, that you have no idea who they are in real life, a mysterious face in a dream.) So, here we are and J had to run out and talk on his phone to his girlfriend. Mystery man and I keep talking and he makes me laugh, makes me smile a lot in general and just give me butterflies. He has to walk away for a minute and I said, “Make sure you talk to me a little before I leave.” A bunch of people then walk in and between us, he reaches his hand out and grabs my hand and says, “Wait for me for two minutes and I’ll give you twenty minutes of undivided attention afterwards.” As he had grabbed my hand, I felt that rush and those butterflies you feel the first time the person you have a crush on touches you affectionately. Just then, J came in and he had to leave. And then I woke up.

When I woke up, I laid there a minute and just watched my boyfriend sleep. He’s everything to me. I love him more than I can express. But sometimes, I miss that feeling. That rush you have in the beginning of a relationship. That rush is amazing when you first hold the hand of your latest crush and when they walk away from you, you can’t help but smile the whole time. Every once in awhile, when you’re in a long term relationship, you miss that. To realize that you probably just had your last first kiss is insane. Once you strip away that need to impress them and that need to be mysterious, you have left this type of relationship you’re comfortable with completely. It is pretty amazing, but it can be monotomous. That’s life I guess. Just remember, once you find that great relationship that you want for the rest of your life, you have to make it fun. You have to keep excitement around and you have to have time for yourself still. If you live together, it is so important to have you time also and it’s okay to have your own separate pieces of life that enjoy. That’s all for now, until next time.


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