Virginia Tech Campus

I’m 20 years old. I’m in college. And I can’t even imagine being in the middle of a boring class that you’re just counting the minutes down in and all of a sudden, this horrible, psychotic man comes in with a gun that you’ve never met before. And his intention is to murder you, for nothing that you actually did. I can’t even explain how that would feel. I have nothing more to say about this, other than, it makes me cry because it’s so sad. It’s so wrong. It’s so tragic. My heart and my emotion goes to the entire school, the families of the wounded and dead and of course, the actual students that lost their lives because this kid had emotions that were inside of him that caused him to kill someone else.

One Response to “Tragic.”

  1. Brittany Says:

    I cant relate to being in collage because im still in high school but… i couldnt imagine being in my 1st or 2nd period class and this person coming into every classroom and just killing people because he/she has problems with themself… i find it crazy how people try and stop these kind of things but make such a big deal out of it… putting people out there who have done this sortta tragity on the news and in magizines and stuff aint that just makin people who have thought about doing the same thing want to do it more???? i was just wondering what your opinion on that was….
    God Bless…

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