The Wheels of Change


Finally! I received my first emailed question with permission to use it on the site! I’m so ridiculously excited because now it makes me think at least one person is coming to my site regularly! Now if I can just get some comments and more emails!

Anyways, here goes it:

Dear An-Y,

I really like your site, it’s pretty cool. My question is about my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 9 months now and I really love him. I’m a senior in high school and he’s in college as a freshman. We’ve been having sex for about a month now. We lost our virginity to each other. I’ve started to really like it and now I’d like to do more than just the typical missionary position and move past that. I just don’t know what to do. I think he’s to scared to just start switching it up unless I take the initiative and do it myself. Any exciting or cool ideas you have for me would be awesome. Also, I’d like to start doing really cute things for him in the bedroom. He has his own dorm room, so I can be creative when I got visit him, but I have no good ideas! Please help! I’m worried if I don’t keep his interest he’ll find a college girl because we’re an hour apart!
Thanks, *Lost in Ohio*

Dear *Lost in Ohio*,
Well first of all, thank you for being numero uno on asking a question! You’re the greatest! And thanks for complimenting me on my site thus far! Well, first of all, you should keep in mind, you’re only an hour apart. That’s not horrible especially since you’re a senior and old enough to drive to see each other every weekend or so. But, here it goes, there are so many possibilities you can do in this situation. You are still pretty new to sex, so I wouldn’t suggest doing anything TOO crazy, but either way, I understand wanting to explore a lot more now. I think at first, you should just try and take the initiative, like you’d said, and take over. Get things going slowly and build up to sex. Then, get on top and have him lie down and sort of kiss him all over. Then, you can have sex on top. It’s not as scary as it may seem the first time, but it may take a couple times to really get the rhythm down. Generally, it’s good to tell him to hold your hips and move them in a way it feels good for him and then go from there. If you want to get a little more adventurous then, head his way with a long coat on and underneath wear some cute lingerie. when he comes to the door, either barely open your coat or wait until you get inside and just take it off. Without saying a word, you can just start touching him or give him a slow little strip tease. I did that for an ex of mine when I went to visit him and it made him go crazy. Eventually, you’ll find that new positions just sort of happen. Sometime you may tell him playfully, that you want him to do you from behind. Just bend over or get on all fours and spread your legs. He can insert from behind and see how you both like that. There is a never ending list to the ideas and different things you can try. Just be adventurous and do what feels good to you and what you think he’d like. My current boyfriend loves fishnets. He’d never had sex with a girl while she was wearing them and the first time I did, he went wild. Now he loves it and I put them on every once in awhile to spice it up. Also, something simple like wearing a skirt and leaving it on while you have sex with him can drive some men crazy. When you are out at a party or just out in general you can whisper to him that you want to take him back to the bed and do something crazy with him. Little things make a huge difference. Another idea would be to have sex somewhere you haven’t. I get the feeling you’ve only had sex in his or maybe your bed, going out to a secluded area and having sex in the car is always exciting. You never know if you’ll get caught, so it’s pretty thrilling in that sense. I think that covers most of the ideas racing in my head right now. Don’t be afraid to try something new if you’re comfortable with it. Also, don’t do something just to try and keep him so he won’t leave you, make sure you’re doing it because you care for him or for yourself in general. I’m sure you’re amazing and that he knows that. These little things you can do can just reinforce how great you really are! Hope this helps ya, email me if you have any more questions!

Love ya,


Well, finally I’ve answered a real email and not had to blabber about what I can think of! I’d also like to note that I think I’ll be starting a “Top 13” list every Monday (13 is my lucky number, that’s why! haha). I want to do some funny, some serious, just a list in general of my comments on certain things. The above question could definitely work as an example in doing a top list of ideas to spice up a sex life or top 13 list of deal breakers a man can say in the middle of a date (for a funny one)! If you have any ideas on a subject I could do, email me! I also want to do some more sort of routine things along with my blogs and giving advice. I hope more and more come read this and I can make a good impact on at least a few people.

Again, Love to all!


One Response to “The Wheels of Change”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Well, tell me what this is all about. It seems interesting that you would write about this which is good in my opinion but please tell me what your views and personal opinions and why you wanted to set up a blog like this.

    Its very good and interesting.

    Yours in Support,

    Gabriel M.B

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