Why are we here?


I received a comment on my post, “Wheels of Change” from Gabriel and I’d like to answer him in this post. He asked basically my opinions and why this blog exists. Well, world wide web, this is why An-Y is who she is and why she wants you to visit her:

I believe that as a young person in today’s day and age, you have a fear that you cannot shake. You can claim you just “don’t care what others think”, but in most cases, you do. I can just about guarantee, you at least care what your friends think of you. This applies to not only the younger generation, but everyone at any age. It’s human nature that you cannot resist. So, I decided I needed a blog that was mine, for me. The other blog I have are ones my friends are readers of and they comment constantly. As much as I love them for it and as much as I love my blog, there are several things I just won’t say on there. I either don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or don’t want to get too provocative and feel embarrassed. Suddenly one night it came to me, I want a blog where I’m myself without a single ounce of masking my thoughts. My life is stressful and it’s so nice to unwind and say whatever the hell I want to say without worrying if someone will say something. Also, I set out to at least try to do some good and impact someone with good advice. On here, I can be straight forward, I won’t sugar coat any real advice and I won’t do anything but give you my honest opinion. Either you love me or you hate me, either way, I’m here to vent, to give advice and to just write. I believe that in some aspects, I do it in hopes other girls will read it and understand me. I hope that some can gain some sort of advice they can carry on in their life. In today’s world, it’s getting more and more difficult for girls to have positive role models that have really seen a lot in their lives and I’m hoping to maybe help in that also. I’m an only child, I have to put my pent up big sister vibes somewhere, right? So why am I here? Why have I created An-Y’s anonymous blog? To be me. To be real. I hope that others catch on and enjoy my blog. I want nothing but to help others and get myself released from the stress of everyday life. I welcome all and every single email and comment I can get because I just love hearing from people. I want to help. I want to just be a young woman trying to get along in this world of lost hope. I want to encourage others to do great things and encourage enjoying life no matter what happens. No problem is too big and no issue is above anyone if they don’t let it. I’m not sure what else to say. I hope to hear from more and more and see more and more views appearing on my blog.

That’s all for now,

With Love,


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