“Maybe I Can’t Change the World, but WE Can”


Have you ever thought to yourself, man, my life sucks. Maybe someone just broke your heart, maybe a friend just told your secret or your parents wouldn’t let you go to the concert you wanted to go to. If some of us can’t handle that, how can you even imagine losing a parent when you’re eleven years old to Aids, or sharing a small mat with ten other family members? I sit in my apartment with my warm clothes, food and the general “necessities” that Americans claim like cable, internet and loads of DVDs. There are so many children in this country and others that have no idea what a DVR is, let alone having a steady warm place to sleep. There are kids in Africa that wouldn’t know what to do if they could have ONE hot meal per day. It really tears you apart to hear stories of everyday people living in these conditions. Usually you get thinking your life is so bad, especially as a teenager, and there’s this other teenage boy, merely 13 years old, living in a one room home with his eight year old sister. He’s raising her because he lost his Mom to Aids. Americans even tend to hear AIDS and connects that with lude acts and the affected’s mistake. In Africa, HIV is contracted by the lack of health care and passed on through to children because no one can get treatment. I just wish we’d all pitch in and you know that we’d make a massive difference. Well, my head is hurtin and I’m out for the night.

With Love,


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