Not Catching An Ounce of Sympathy

I have a rant. I have kept this out of my ranting for quite some time, but now, I’m really irked. Paris Hilton needs to own up and serve her damn sentence. Go to Yahoo and you can see the latest on this fiasco and discover she is back in jail. First of all, I despise how public these things get, cases like this are everyday life and we have to watch the damn news and hear about this rich little party girl going through what hundreds or thousands of people do every week. When a “non-celebrity” is arrested for driving on suspended license and then placed into jail, most of us say good riddance. So why on Earth are we supposed to feel sorry for this girl because her Daddy is rich and his money lets her be famous and get away with things? She’s a terrible role model for young women, as soon as she’s tied to any other young ACTUAL celebrity (Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, at least they utilized their own talents to get to be “famous”), they go directly down the tubes worse than they may had been previously when they befriend her.She is nothing special and she surely is a selfish little one. She hit the genetics jackpot and had family who worked hard to get to where they are now. That’s another story really. So this girl who is known as a major party girl, is seriously trying to get sympathy because she “made one small mistake” and she’s being “treated unfairly”. Whatever. You drove drunk how many times in your life and without a license?? and for ONCE, someone took you in for it and hey, you’re the idiot who already had a suspended license. She’s lucky she didn’t hurt someone, then she’d really be facing an issue. If she would just own up, I wouldn’t be so angry, but she tries to act like it’s all her publicists or assistant’s fault for not explaining what she’s allowed to do. Are you that dependent on someone else you cannot gather one simply affair like WHERE YOU CAN DRIVE together on your own? So she finally has to go to jail and she’s there three flippin days. Suddenly she has a medical condition, but it’s nothing they’ll come out about, so I’m going to guess it’s nonexistent or and STD or something that doesn’t really affect anything. I love this judge because he gets her back in court and orders her ass back to jail. She sobs in court and now her parents are all crying about it and you know trying to pay someone off so she doesn’t have to go. Screw her, seriously. She needs to be taught a lesson and needs to learn that you can’t always have Daddy get you out of everything and that the law is the law. I don’t care who the hell you are! CALL MARTHA, SHE’LL TELL YOU HOW TO MAKE PRETTY ORAGAMI BIRDS TO HANG FROM YOUR DAMN CEILING. I hope she enjoys her luxury cell, it’s better than what most people in this world get anyways, bitch.

One Response to “Not Catching An Ounce of Sympathy”

  1. Anna Domini Says:

    you nailed it.

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