As to make my blog better…

Okay, I need comments on the following ideas I’ve had lately on truly taking this blog to the next level and devoting real time to it as promised. Summer’s finally here and my semester is over and no college this summer, so I have so much time on my hands outside of work. I’ve been brainstorming and here’s some current thoughts on things I could do and I def. welcome suggestions via email: or via comments on this entry!

1. “Dear Society: An-Y has something to tell you” — A weekly letter to society marking an event that irked me, basically a weekly rant that I promise would contain witty remarks and funny principles on the daily life of society or the idiotic events that should be addressed in society for the week, could be fun, right?

2. “Agreeably Disagreeable Politics” — We all know I’m a bit of a politics whore. I love all of it, it just thrills me. And we all know that generally, nothing makes sense anymore, as with my title I’ve chosen, haha. Weekly, I’d present the top political stories of that week and comment on them with witty remarks, as always, haha. My goal is to make politics appealing to those who don’t even regularly enjoy it. Could again be really fun…

3. “Stupid Cupid” — Could be weekly on “Hump Day” (Wednesday) and would be my relationship advice, blog day. It could be the one day I devote my entries to the game of love/sex/relationships. Most of the questions I’ve received thus far have been on those topics and I’d rather just set aside one day a week to do that topic alone. I think it’d work well.

4. “Innate Idiocracy” — A weekly collection of stupid things people do in the world. This could be really fun to find things that would make the cut of the entry.

I think those are my favorite ideas I’ve come up with and I think I may do them. Let me know what you think, new things may start happening this weekend or next week at least, so I’d love to hear what you think!

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