Embrace Life

Hello world of the bored, the emotional, the expressive and the stalker. You can call me An-Y (like Annie), no that’s not my real name, but it’s easier than constantly referring to myself as Anonymous Love or Anonymously Yours. I’m in the process of getting the fabulous blog ready for the perverse and the innocent of the web. Soon, you’ll find many things here that I hope will entertain you as well as me. I plan to just let out that real emotion that life has to offer. I plan on letting anyone who reads this lay out topics they may want to hear my opinion on…basically, I’m going to remain completely anonymous. Why? I want to filter the everyday art of sugar coating or bullshit from my this here blog. When your friends read your supposed inner thoughts blogs, you lie. You don’t want to express an emotion or thought that they may criticize you for in the future. You get scared your ex’s will find it and make fun of you for something inside of it. You fear your true self will interfere with your life. I want to embrace pure emotion, pure truth and everything else inside of me that I keep secretive or mysterious most of the time. This is my project, care to join?

That’s all for now! Check back soon for MUCH more….

Email me: love.anonymously.yours@gmail.com


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