What on Earth was I thinking?


Have you ever met someone that just gave you chills because they reminded you of someone else from your past so much you couldn’t believe it? How about meeting someone that reminded you of an ex? Well, working in the hotel world, I meet people everyday that resemble characteristics either personally or physically to those from my past. This week, however, I have been presented with someone who so scarily reminds me of and ex BOTH physically and personality-wise that I cannot stand him. I literally can’t bare to talk to him and carry conversation anymore. I’m nice, because, well, it’s my job, but I really don’t want to be. This guy walked in today, he’s been staying for awhile now, and tells me he just got out of jail. He was wearing this too big for himself, yellow polo and jeans. As he gets on the elevator, he tells me that it was a case of mistaken identity so they let him free. Hmm, okay. He goes upstairs and comes back down. He couldn’t get his room door open so I put my phones so they won’t ring and grab my keys and head upstairs. As he’s wreaking of alcohol, he precedes to ask me if I’d go out on a date with him. I laugh and tell him I would lose my job. Which, I would, it’s a rule, but there is no way I’d go if I was PAID to go out with him. He then asks me to break his $100 bill and I did and he leaves, I thought. Now, if I just spent a night in jail wearing those clothes, I’m going to shower and change, right? You’d think so, but he didn’t. So then he is back in about ten minutes later to leave a message with me to give his roommate, “Tell him I’m out taking care of business and that I’ll be back”….okay then. For some reason, he just stands there to talk to me again, while keeping a taxi waiting. He goes on to tell a completely different random story of how he was at a bar and he pulled a pistol on a guy because he looked at him wrong across the bar and continues to go on and say “That stupid fuckin N—–, who does he think he is? I’m in the labor union, I don’t put up with N—–s and their shit….” he goes on to say things like that LOUD for about five minutes. I looked at him and said, “I’d appreciate you not speaking like that in my lobby or to me and you should probably go out there before your taxi leaves you”. I was so distraught that he’d said so many racist things in one small drivel that I couldn’t bare it if he stood there any longer. Anyways, he did say that he pistol whipped the guy at the bar and should have shot him, I told him he’s an idiot. He was so drunk that he didn’t catch it. When his roommate came back, who is like 40 and the nicest guy you’ve ever met, I told him and he said, “Yeah well, he missed a day that is going to pay like $400 and he usually comes up with some real interesting stories, he probably just did something stupid and was drunk on the street”. How does such a nice guy put up with this shit all the time? Anyways, it disturbs me to admit that the guy I dated before I met my wonderful boyfriend resembles this asshole. They’re both small guys with shaggy brown hair and a little facial hair. At least my ex had some muscles and a nice tan though, haha. Personality-wise, they’re both cocky and think they’re the coolest guys out there. They’re both drunks. And they’re both too redneck for their own good. My ex never came out and said racist comments near me, but I always had the notion he slightly was. He would try to say he loves everyone and his best friend was a gay man, but who knows. Either way, they’re both idiots when they’re drunk and they both drink way too much. It made me feel dirty, like I needed a shower, after this asshole was hitting on me though. I came home and just hugged my man like I never have. Numerous jackasses hit on me while I’m working and every time it makes me thank God I’m not living the single life and having to sort through the horrible singles guys I keep getting offers from. Yuck. There are definitely times you look back on your past relationships and have to say “What the HELL was I thinking?”, I know that was one of those moments for me! Anyways, that’s all for now folks, we just moved into a bigger apartment this weekend and I LOVE IT thus far….so I’ll be done with unpacking and back to my usual blogging self!

Love ya!


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