The Need To Be Grown

“Thirteen” Movie Image

I faintly remember what it was like to be 13 years old, but I do remember. It was only seven years ago, but feels so much longer. At 13 years old I was in 7th grade, trying to understand what it meant to be a woman. Hormones began to rage and the need to see cute boys and to have that first real boyfriend was growing. I had classmates that had “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” from 4th grade they were still “dating”. It is so funny how dating was viewed then. At my age now, you generally see someone for awhile and usually end up doing some things sexually before you’re even officially dating, but in those days, that five word question was all it took to jump start a relationship. “Will you be my girlfriend (or boyfriend)?”. Then the next thing you’d know, you’d start sitting together at lunch, holding hands and eventually you’d hit the point you would kiss. So nerve racking! I remember my first boyfriends in 6th grade that I would eat lunch with, and hold hands with and things of that nature. One lasted about a month (a real milestone) and the other was probably a couple weeks. It was cute, it was innocent. Then I found what I would have sworn then, was my first love. He was a sophomore while I was still in 8th grade and I thought I was a real star doing that! We held hands and we had that first real kiss. That one was on and off for about six months and then he left me for my then best friend. It was tragic, let me tell ya. Anyways, you’re probably trying to figure out why the hell I’m reminiscing about junior high “love”. I’m just pointing out that at that age, my relationships were pure innocence. And I guess I really thought things were still like that. I know girls in grade school and junior high and even high school that I can’t imagine having sex or even thinking about having sex! But, apparently, things have changed. I hear young girls, no older than 13 that are having sex! Some of them are even talking about having threesomes and being double penetrated by their male friends! What has happened to the world? I want to tell these girls to stop trying to grow up so quickly. This is one reason why I love giving advice to other girls of all ages. I want to try to give REAL, INFORMED advice to these girls from an older, but not old girl. I’m only 20 and I’ve been there and done that on many things. I’ve probably dated every type of man you can dream of even: the cheater, the drunk/cheater, the too sensitive one, the after break-up psycho stalker, etc. I’ve been blinded by supposed young love, I’ve been betrayed, I’ve lived on my own, I’ve dated older and younger and I’ve been through some rough things as a woman in general. I just wish these girls would think before they act and not think that growing up is this glamorous thing! My life is a lump of bills I can’t pay, college work that piles up, and a full time job chalk full of stress. I have a great boyfriend that I live with, but there are definitely times that I just don’t know what to do because I’m so stressed. So growing up is just plain difficult at times so I just wish these young kids would realize youth is a jewel. Being young and just riding a bike is a great memory. Stay young as long as you can!!!!!!

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One Response to “The Need To Be Grown”

  1. afterdarkthinkbox Says:

    great post. its funny, right when you said “Anyways, you’re probably trying to figure out why the hell I’m reminiscing about junior high “love”.” i was thinking the exact same thing. anyway i think i will email you if i can figure out how to find your email on wordpress (i’m new to it). that’s all i wanted to say.

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